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Impact Farming

Dec 16, 2020

There are several types of planning in farm business management, and many of these planning processes are well known. They are production planning, financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, transition planning, etc. This week, Tracy speaks with Tom about a critical planning process that does not receive enough attention when it comes to setting our farm business up for success. This process is called contingency planning, otherwise known as emergency planning.

Tom is a Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and speaks to students and farm families about the importance of planning on the farm. Now more than ever, Tom is passionate about communicating this message to farmers. To start the episode, he shares a powerful quote with our audience “Planning is attending to the goals we ought to be thinking about and never do, the facts we do not like to face, and the questions we lack the courage to ask.”

With the COVID current pandemic at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, this conversation about “Planning For The Unthinkable” is an urgent and timely message for all farm families.

Join Tracy and Tom as he shares his four-part process to creating a contingency plan for your farm business operation.

Are you like the vast majority of the human population, and you avoid creating a will or emergency plan because you are superstitious? Or because, honestly, who wants to plan for something morbid when we can do anything else? If so, Tom shares a brilliant little mind hack right towards the end of the episode that COMPLETELY changes our mind frame for how we approach emergency planning. This thought shifter will remove a majority, if not all, of our reluctance to “Plan For The Unthinkable.” This mind hack right here is worth its weight in Gold.


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