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Impact Farming

Apr 14, 2021

In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Gerry Friesen about “When Conflict Happens”.

Conflicts and misunderstandings often exist in families and can be the family businesses’ greatest enemy if not handled correctly. Managing conflict is key to the survival of the business and family harmony.

In this episode, Tracy and Gerry speak about:

  • What conflict is and how not all conflict is actually bad. Conflict can be healthy.
  • Gerry shares the five main conflict management styles that humans have. We are all different, and we all handle conflict differently.
  • They talk about perspective and how critical a role it plays in healing, and most importantly, in moving beyond conflict to resolution.
  • Gerry and Tracy dive into generational differences and chat about how this is often a pain point in many farm family operations. Each generation thinks, acts, and communicates differently. These individuals are also in different stages of their farming careers and often have different farming goals and ambitions.
  • Did you know that communication is more than just the words you speak? Gerry reminds us of how verbal, tone, and body language play a role in our conversations.
  • They discuss how important communication is in the health of a farm family business before, during, and after the farm transition.
  • So, where do you start? They chat about that too. Don’t miss Gerry’s great suggestions that he shares throughout the episode.

If you farm with family, this is a great episode that you don’t want to miss.

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