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Impact Farming

Sep 7, 2021

In this Expert’s Corner segment, Tracy speaks with Derek Dery about “5 Questions to Kick Start Your Grain Marketing Plan.”

Today we’re discussing some key questions a producer should ask themselves to kick start their grain marketing strategy and take the guesswork out of their grain marketing decisions.

In this episode, Tracy and Derek chat about:

  • Where to start? Derek shares that the best place to start is with your farm operation’s goals. For many, this is dollars and cents; however, producers implement grain marketing plans for many additional reasons.
  • Derek shares the single most important question that producers should ask themselves before selling.
  • They speak to the uniqueness of each farming operation and how these factors go into developing a grain marketing plan. There is no cookie cutter solution that works for every farming operation.
  • Many producers sell by “gut feeling” or by what the neighbour is doing. Derek shares what it means to have a concrete strategy in place for selling your grain.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. As a grain farmer himself, Derek understands the tremendous pressure that farmers are under at all times, and especially as they sell their grain. These discussions are important. He shares how grain advisors can help producers remove the stress from these decisions with advice and a strong sounding board for smart marketing decisions.

Farmers don’t need to do this alone. Grain marketing is a complex team effort, and producers with a customized grain marketing plan remain in control even when the unexpected happens.

Are you interested in developing a grain marketing plan? Allow this episode to kick-start your efforts.

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